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Missing Chibok Girl Reportedly Found, 2 Years after Boko Haram Abduction

Deep in the burrows of the Sambisa Forest near the town of Damboa in Maiduguri – the state capital of Borno – a harried and scared 19-year-old girl carrying a baby was found roaming aimlessly – by village natives.

Amina Ali Mkeki is the name that Colonel Sani Usman of the Nigerian army released as the young woman’s identifier even though previous reports have assigned a different one.


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For the Girls – #BringBackOurGirls


The Missing

The girls were removed without warning

No beeps, alarms or foreboding

Trucks, darkness, the sweltering night air and a full moon

Played host to our present chaos

Helpless and incoherently confused the bound silently accepted their fate

Their eyes gleaming with sorrow and fright, they filed into the imposing carriage

The soldiers of doom offered little consolation as they mercilessly seized their cargo

The world was designated to wake up to the incredulous itinerary established by the cowardly doctrines

Aghast and dismayed, a stunned audience beheld the stormy weather dropping residue of incoherence and mayhem

The girls are sailing with the clouds of chance and danger hoping the wind will dust off their enchanted nightmare

The officers of reckoning detail their tallies without impressive assertion

A sign of the colossal past and regretful present

The truck is speeding like a torched bullet eager to find a patch for mercy

The floor is cold and there is nothing above to hide the potent stars guiding destiny

Bodies piled in haste and desperation shaking with unpolluted fear

There is no instrumental commandment setting the pace

We are crying and stomping for answers that may never come

They are lost but the Republic is found

The generated jury has spoken with relentless unison

The verdict lies in the guilty burrows of a historical dynasty

Tainted by the blood of the courageous few who dared to dream

Those girls, their tattered sheets, empty beds and hollowed absence

Will forever pierce the revival of our existence.