Trendy Music Report: Time Magazine Declares Mariah Carey “Queen of Pop”

The staffers at Time Magazine must have had a lot of fun formulating their Answers Issue. One of the slices of this layered pie pays homage to the artists who have made history through their billboard rankings.


The results are in! No doubt Mariah Carey hasn’t been having the best of times lately, but that might change once she discovers that compared to her counterparts she is ahead of the pack, thanks to the number of hits she has accumulated over the years. Time picked apart all the songs that dominated the charts since 1960 and compiled the Billboard Top 10 list. Based on their findings. Mariah came out on top, making her officially the “Queen of Pop”.

Other notables include Usher who had the best single in 2004; Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” was quite impactful during its reign, plus the “King of Pop” was singled out as the only artist to enjoy a consistently successful career.


The takeaway seems to be that the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, who have helped mold the landscape substantially, are in no way stealing the sunshine from those who came before them. But there is still time!

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