Terror in Ivory Coast: Hotel Beach Attack Leaves 16 Dead

West Africa is currently under siege as the violent footpath of al-Qaida continues to spread like the plague – with the latest casualties falling prey to a team of gunmen that stormed a beach resort in Ivory Coast.

Soldiers on patrol


Three hotels stationed around the beach town of Grand-Bassam – a favorite of locals and tourists, came under attack after a hail of bullets accompanied by shouts of “Allahu Akbar” pummeled beach revelers as they got caught in the crossfire.

Some tried to escape by running into the sea while others succumbed to the gunshots. Authorities searched for bodies they suspected may have been swept away by the sea as a result of victims drowning as they ran into the unforgiving waters.

Among those killed, include, two soldiers, four Europeans, and a French national.

The government confirmed they had killed the six assailants responsible for the attacks and that it was a coordinated effort by al-Qaida from the channels of the Islamic Maghreb.

Other countries within the West African fabric that are battling the invasion of terrorism include Mali and Burkina Faso – both are on high alert due to their consistent appeal as tourist attractions.

In recent months, Burkina Faso and Mali have encountered brutal attacks specifically centering on their luxury facilities, which also resulted in dozens of fatalities.

The latest tragedy in Ivory Coast proves that the once reliably immune nation that boasts both a Muslim and Christian population is now joining the ranks of regions that are on the priority list for random jihadist attacks.

Another reminder that al-Qaida’s reach is flourishing at rapid speed with no impending end in sight.