TrendyBuzzers: Angelina Jolie and Viola Davis

Sunday’s Oscar telecast was a lively affair but it’s the residue from a couple of fashion forward stars that still remains in the air.

Angelina Jolie and Viola Davis are the talk of the town thanks to what the media views as their “daring” choice of expression.

Angelina certainly had a leg up when it came to exuding her obvious sex appeal but there a lot of dissatisfied customers out there who feel that the “high-slit” effect was a little too forced and desperate. Whatever happened to showing what ya got and accentuating the positive? Okay, maybe she needs a few pointers when it comes to subtly striking a pose on cue, but at least she has the goods to put on display.

Viola Davis “courageously” showed off her natural texture on a night when looking your very best is an absolute necessity. Davis looked flawless but it’s a bit unnerving when you consider the fact that she has garnered so much attention for simply wearing her OWN hair, and it confirms the national obsession that surrounds black women and their tresses. Its discouraging that in 2012, we are all stunned at the sight of a fro on the red carpet.

At the end the day, all the buzzing was much ado about nothing. On to the next…