Trendy Fashion Report: Milan Fashion Week: Etro Fall 2012

Veronica Etro’s modernistic offering titled “Lady Paisley” graced the runways last week during Milan Fashion Week, and proved to be a very dramatic production that commanded the attention of fashion disciples on a global scale.

Autumn was definitely in the air thanks to the subdued and bold hues that dictated the color scheme, and the generous use of luxurious fabrics, including leather and functional knits.

The homage to all things “paisley” paid off in a big way with streamlined and acutely structured lines that provided the perfect template for the body-conscious pieces dipped in a chaotic maze that despite the distraction delicately encased the frames of the perfectly sculpted models.

There was an interplay of eclectic accessories including leather tunic belts that helped provide the valued “cinched waste” detail. Some of the pieces were sleek and comfortably sexy with well-defined lines, providing the much-needed balance for a collection immersed in a colorful puzzle.

Etro is definitely meant for the well-adjusted rebel.