Trendy Fashion Report: The Girl from Ipanema Rocks!


The recent temps in NYC are already preparing us for the upcoming season that requires optional attire in appropriate places and skin exposure on a level that gratifies our sense of comfort.



Flip-flops have evolved into a must have accessory and this is due to the fact that we can’t get enough of the varied styles being implemented every cycle, from multicolored straps to vibrantly outlined prints, there is certainly something for everybody.

Brazilian based Ipanema has consistently churned out collections consisting of melodiously crafted flip-flops that almost always fly off the shelves at rapid speed.

Their latest offering will be no exception and now is the time to jump into action in order to sufficiently fulfill your yearly supply. They retail from $23 to $30 and you can shop online at Nordstrom, Shopbop, or or simply walk into your favorite boutique store.

Rocking a pair of these beauties makes everyday a fiesta!