Trendy Pop: The Dissection of An Artist: Kevin Okafor


London-based Nigerian artist Kevin Okafor has plunged the art world into a tailspin with his innate renderings of photos depicting some of the most recognizable faces in the world.

Artist Kevin Okaforkevin-okafor-pic


Amy WinehouseKelvin Okafor's portrait of Amy Winehouse


His articulate and painfully detailed drawings fool the naked eye into thinking they are photographs when in fact they are artistically interpreted illustrations that with a little help from his pencil, charcoal and paper, look remarkably photogenic.

This particular art form is gaining steam in the academic world, where students are encouraged to embrace the concept of interactive endeavors to help boost their inspirational levels in a way that compliments the formulated methods already in place.

Okafor who is 27 and resides in Tottenham, North London seems to have already mastered a technique that most of his peers may never be able to effortlessly correlate and that is most likely responsible for his new found fame.

He is currently pre-occupied with using celebrities as his subjects and that definitely adds to the jarring quality of his work by elevating the expectations and sense of curiosity.

He is consistently meeting the challenges that come with such exquisitely demanding assignments and we can’t wait to see where his immeasurable talent takes him.

Tinie TempahKelvin Okafor's portrait of Tinie Tempah.


Princess DianaKelvin Okafor's portrait of Princess Diana.