Trendy Fashion Report: Yoko Ono is Man Enough for Opening Ceremony


It takes an irresistibly exceptional woman to nab one of the most prolific figures of our time, and now we know why and how Yoko Ono captured the heart of The Beatles frontman John Lennon.


Ono’s relationship sometimes-fiery relationship with Lennon culminated around the time when the British band was at a crossroads and she was crucified and even blamed for their inevitable breakup. But like a true Ride or Die Chick, she stood by her man until the end. As tragic as the end was (Lennon was gunned down by a deranged fan outside of his NYC apt in 1980), the world’s most famous widow is still thriving and uplifting the legacy she and her idolized late hubby incessantly erected.

Music, art and filmmaking have been her playground and now she is adding fashion to that list, thanks to her collaboration with Open Ceremony. Ono has openly confessed that she is more than aware of the fact that John Lennon was a hot bloke with an amazing bod. Duh! And if history has taught us anything, it’s that beauty has to be glorified, and Ono is doing just that with the unveiling of her men’s wear collection, which will make it’s debut this week.

It all started with love fueled tidings back in 1969, when she got hitched to the love of her life and was so bloated with happiness that she illustrated her contentment in the form of sketches titled ‘Fashions for Men”. The blueprints have all been neatly assembled and you can get your visual fill by purchasing the final result for $35. You will get a real understanding of Ono’s instinctual capabilities, and it’s a real treat to see shreds of the past manifest in such a modernly edgy way.

Judging from the body-conscious silhouettes, it is obvious that this is an homage to a man who maintained an enviable template that any woman would want to theorize.

The details are infectious and restless; exactly how the relationship played out in public, with the basic fanfare of trousers, sweatshirts, and blazers, all endowed with plasters of strategically paced cutouts.

It’s a labor of love drenched with a flood of nostalgia and sweltering lust. And  that’s what fashion is all about!


Original sketch from 1969 by Yoko Ono