Trendy Fashion Report: Highlights from Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood Event


Looks like being a cover girl requires a lot more than flowy locks and rosy cheeks, you have to also be armed with talent and healthy ambition.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her mentee Emma Watson


Elle Magazine’s list of honorees (Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman, Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Octavia Spencer, Elle Fanning, Kristen Wiig, Susan Sarandon and Shirley MacLaine) are all women who have either garnered illustrious careers or are on their way to being formidable trailblazers in an industry that is rife with competition.

Monday night’s event hosted by the dashingly whimsical Joe McHale proved to be a mixture of decadently stylish moments, speeches bursting with ebullience, and the union of kindred spirits coming together to celebrate their good fortune. We mean that figuratively of course!

But nevertheless, we have to give kudos to Elle, for coming up with a legitimate reason for Hollywood’s leading ladies to play dress up and gather in the name of all that’s fashionable and fortuitous.

We hail their accomplishments but more importantly we acknowledge their seamless fashion choices.

Elle women ROCK!

Cate Blanchett

Olivia Spencer

Viola Davis

Lea Michele

Kristen Wiig

Rachel Zoe

Leslie Mann

Host Joel McHale