Trendy Fashion Report: Washington Roberts Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


The Sapeurs of Congo was the generator and inspiration for designer Washington Roberts’ Spring/Summer 2013 collection. He also acknowledges that his trip to the idyllic island of Curacao also fueled his need to dip his pieces in nucleonic aquatic hues that helped him correlate his canvas accordingly.


The silhouettes are charmingly modernistic and radically structured with delightful splashes of vibrancy and tenacious sleekness.

This is definitely a chest of goodies for any woman who is too busy to study the fashion forecast but not too occupied to keep up with the erratic trends. She is acutely aware but doesn’t waste too much time sweating the little stuff.

She looks and acts the part she was born to play, and making an entrance is second nature.

Elegance is an innate instinct for the woman who dons a Washington Roberts creation, and its blatantly obvious why.