Trendy Film Report: Daniel Day-Lewis Stuns at the New York Film Festival Screening of ‘Lincoln’


It is no secret that Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most formidable and distinguished performers of our time. From the unforgettable My Left Foot to the requitable There Will Be Blood, the British thespian has tackled each and every role with fortitude and resolution.


So we totally get why one of the most visionary directors in the universe, Steven Spielberg would pick Day-Lewis, to embody the character of Abraham Lincoln, an elusive but powerfully viral figure whose presidential years continues to rustle the fabric of our nation and poetically haunt the chosen ones after him.

The reception at The 50th New York Film Festival set the tone for what the next few months holds for the film Lincoln. As we ease into Awards Season, there is no doubt that nominations will be enthusiastically splattered all over this biopic gem, and with a symbiotic supporting cast that includes Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones as Republican congressman Thaddeus Stevens, this will be a film that lives up to the pomp and circumstance, leaving all non-believers in the dust.

It’s also noteworthy that Spielberg managed to rally his long abiding troops to help him make history for the 110th time! Music composer John Williams reported for duty, and so did cinematographer Janusz Kaminski and famed film editor Michael Kahn.

We can’t wait to feast our eyes and ears on this epic gem when it hits theaters this winter! The countdown begins…NOW.