Trendy Fashion Report: The Wonder of Peplum


I really enjoy diagnosing the trends of the season, mainly because it gives me an opportunity to SHOP until I literally drop which may not be such a good thing but STILL! I can’t help indulging my senses as well as my lack of self-control, all in the name of painstakingly indentifying the headliners dominating the global lookbook.

Marry the Night in this sparkly confection from Topshop – $130

Peplum is a scrumptious overlay that turns the body into a wonderland! It has been around for centuries in various forms across indigenous cultures but for whatever reason, it has just now become a “must have” for every stylishly decadent lass.

Its honestly not hard to figure out why the Peplum dress has become an overnight sensation, from the seamless contours to the well balanced template, this is an outfit that works perfectly with almost any body type.

We hope the options we selected win you over – Check it out!

Make it Happen! with this leather and jersey peplum dress from H&M – $49.95

Any occasion applies with this Peplum dress with leather from Yigal Azrouel – $1,050

Work overtime to secure this Daphnee Turtleneck Peplum Flare Dress from A.L.S. – $665

End the year with style in this Black Peplum Baroque Tunic from Dorothy Perkins – $89

Drape yourself in this brocade confection from Stella McCartney – $2686