Trendy Fashion Report: Paris Fashion Week – Balmain Spring 2013


Resident designer Oivier Rousteng definitely has a penchant for anything that raises the racy barometer to a level that admits a certain crop of super humans.


His pieces were decadently arousing and summoned memories of the nineties, when conventional shapes gave way to exaggerated forms and heightened structures. Rousteng confessed that he drew inspiration from Latin roots particularly Cuban, and also from British-Nigerian crooner Sade.

It is not hard to configure how both those tendencies resonate in this collection. The dramatic way in which the separates cling to the templates, not to mention the sparing bold prints and searing hues juxtaposed with eccentrically strewn embellishments, it was a showing that demanded instinctual attention.

If you want to celebrate the curves and dutifully placed limbs that you have been blessed with, then Balmain is your savior!