Trendy TV Report: Betsy Johnson, Reality TV Star?


Designer Betsy Johnson has definitely had a major reality check this past year. Her once fledgling fashion empire suffered a massive hit and succumbed to the dire economic crisis, forcing her to declare bankruptcy.


But we now live in a time where desperate times can be miraculously re-directed towards a more promising path, if you are willing to open yourself to intense scrutiny.

Johnson and her ever loyal daughter Lulu are prepared to open the doors and expose their best of times and worst of times courtesy of their new reality show, The Betsy and Lulu Show.  The Style Network is the lucky host, but considering the kaleidoscopic tendencies of the main star, it’s surprising they couldn’t conceive a more inspiring title. But nevertheless, we can’t imagine that we would suffer any symptoms of boredom or restlessness as we watch  Johnson and her offspring trapeze their way through their insatiably colorful universe.

We will have to hold on until spring 2013 for our first glimpse of life through the lenses of Betsy Johnson. But I think we can all agree that it will be worth the wait!