Trendy Fashion Report: William Okpo Spring 2013


Lizzy and Darlene Okpo certainly know how to make a gal earn her keep in style! Trudging through nature and enjoying the fruitful rewards that come with intense labor can be a beautiful thing. We saw that in motion Tuesday evening when William Okpo unveiled their Spring 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week.

The staged scene evoked biblical inclinations and an appreciation of the simple things in life, thanks to the primal greenery, gritty patches of dirt and burst of citrus that supported the decked out models.

The collection was a cohesive album of well-constructed separates and cleverly aligned dresses, all aptly tailored to enable functionality and versatility.

The one consistent theme was the element of originality especially in the laser sharp precision implemented in each of the pieces, which helped draw attention to the lines that encompass the female form in a way that was quietly seductive.

Denim seemed to be the leading character and it appeared in various forms interplayed with equally durable fabrics that manifested in a whimsical parade of individualistic armory.

One of the major highlights was the evidence of the collaboration between William Okpo and Herbert Schier of Schier Shoes. Each of the models sported variations but the ones that stood out were the playfully vivid stunners that looked like they originated from expertly dyed plastic.

It was a memorable showing and well executed thanks to the interactivity of the onlookers and the role players and of course the catchy tunes didn’t hurt either.

It was a bittersweet reaction for those of us who dread the colder months ahead but at least it gives us something to pine for!


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