Trendy Fashion Report: Walter Steiger Lifts Us Up…One Step At A Time


Shoe artist Walter Steiger has made a career out of pushing the envelope and defying the laws of gravity with his conceptually designed footwear. That premise has not waned despite his almost 45 years in the business.


And now Steiger is ready to unveil is most ambitious masterpiece yet, aptly called the Unicorn. This licentious wonder stands about 6.69 inches tall and is supported by the coveted branded curved heel, but this time the shape seems to be more exaggerated, creating a cone-like silhouette.

The shoe wiz and his son Paul, who also happens to be the general manager for the North American territory, are quite confident that their stunning stalkers will fly off the shelves especially since the fashion scene has evolved into a more euphorically inclined climate. How can we not respond to the towering heels projecting platform magnificence, encased with crocodile skin and Swarovski trimmings? It’s also noteworthy that the curved heel feature is actually contrived from the image of an ivory tusk.

The shoe line is now preparing for a major expansion, which will lead to population in some of the most luxurious department stores, including Bergdorf’s and Barney’s New York.

Strutting around the concrete jungle can be quite an ordeal, but armed with these babies, it will likely be a more paradisal experience.

There is nothing like putting your most glamorous foot forward!