Trendy TV Report: BRAVO’s Miss Advised Hits the Right Notes


BRAVO has perfected the ability to crank out legions of reality-based shows that encompass every genre imaginable. And as the race heats up, the search for the perfect vehicle is amplified thanks to the fierce network rivalries and the growing demands of addicted viewers.

From left to right: Julia Allison, Emily Morse and Amy Laurent


Very few shows get my undivided attention, but I have to admit that Miss Advised definitely won me over in more ways than one. In the season premiere, we are introduced to three dynamic professional women who happen to be in the relationship business. Emily Morse 42 is a San Francisco based sex expert who is in no hurry to settle down despite the fact that she is constantly reminded about her declining fertility. Her radio show “Sex with Emily” provides the perfect outlet for her to engage her listeners in healthy debates and insightful dialogue on topics that could potentially make a num re-think her career choice. 31-year-old Julia Allison is a vibrant chatterbox who has a background that matches her quirky temperament (her mother used to be a speech writer for Nixon). As a dating columnist, she has spent a good portion of her life playing Juliet to a good number of Romeos, one in particular happens to be Jack McCain, the son of former presidential candidate John McCain. Her recent move to LA seems to be providing her more than enough material to keep her busy for quite some time.  New Yorker, Amy Laurent, 35, seems to have perfected the art of matchmaking, and is enjoying the success that comes with being a seasoned entrepreneur, but she hasn’t been able to apply those sacred principles to her own love life.

The fact that all three women are still struggling to transcribe the language of love and commitment defines the core of Miss Advised and makes it somewhat fascinating to watch. Despite their apparent “expertise” on the subject of romance, it’s clear that they are just as bewildered and contemplative as the rest of us. That absolutely makes for good TV and leaves us with no choice but to tune in and root for our newly acquired girlfriends as they join us in the quest for companionship and love for all.