Whitney Houston’s Death Ruled Accidental

Its hard to believe that its been more than a month since songbird Whitney Houston was found submerged in bathwater at the Beverly Hilton the night before the Grammy Awards.

As expected the rumor mills were swirling about what could have possibly caused her untimely demise; everything from her drug and alcohol abuse to her unpredictable behavior which was on full display during the last week of her life was scrutinized and analyzed but finally the day of reckoning has arrived.

According to the LA Coroner, Houston accidentally drowned as was first reported but immediately refuted. Disappointingly drugs did play a major factor, particularly her chronic use of cocaine; there were also traces of marijuana lingering in her system as well as Xanax and Benadryl.

But ultimately it has been determined that she possibly suffered a heart attack due to the hardening of her arteries brought on by her religious use of cocaine over the years, and this caused her to lose consciousness and drown.

Her family released a heartfelt statement and it is pretty evident that they are devastated at the news but grateful that they no longer have to wonder WHY.

So sad that Whitney Houston despite being one of the biggest and respected stars on the planet with a talent that only God could generously bestow, couldn’t overcome her demons and ended up succumbing to the trappings of fame and the spoils that come with the lifestyle.

Her unrelenting drug habit took away her voice, dignity, livelihood, and finally her life.

A very sad end to a promising beginning.