Sacha Baron Cohen Allowed To Attend The Oscars On One Condition…

Looks like actor Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his searing antics that border on hilarity and downright outrageous is still invited to Hollywood’s biggest party this Sunday night despite reports to the contrary, thanks to naughty rumor going round.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report that Cohen who had been extended an invite since he is a member of the cast of the Oscar nominated film Hugo, was planning to use the world’s most coveted award show as a platform to promote his upcoming film, The Dictator. After the story broke, the Academy promptly reached out the actor’s reps and the studio behind both films hoping to get an early clarification of what Cohen plans to do since they clearly wont tolerate him taking advantage of his invitation by using it as a vehicle to generate publicity for his projects.

So despite recent reports that Cohen had been banned from attending the Oscars, the Academy spokesperson made it clear that they are simply just waiting to hear what the actor proposes to do.

This is definitely not the first time Cohen has waded in the pools of controversy and this recent headline has no doubt already garnered him the attention he needed for The Dictator.

So mission accomplished!