Trendy Fashion Report: Rachel Roy Launches Shoe Line

New York based designer Rachel Roy is know n for her bold and statement making pieces that she seamlessly manifests into lively interpretations that would inspire any city gal to confidently glide through some of the challenging pockets of any metropolis.

She is now carrying over her rewarding and successful formula and applying it to a new market – footwear.

Speaking to WWD in her spacious new showroom in Midtown, Roy gives her very opinionated but much shared view on the importance of collecting quality shoes because the continuously yielding benefits.

The new line, simply called Rachel Roy, a slight variation from her clothing and accessories line, Rachel Rachel Roy, will be available in stores this August and features a collection that is decadent and richly textured due to the amply luxurious coverings that include leather, skin suede, and snake and pony hair with some doses of glitter.

If you are interested in strutting the city sidewalks in one of Roy’s creations, be prepared to cough up between $200 to $600, depending on your budget’s elasticity. Considering the array of options on her roster (flats, pumps, booties, etc) it may just be worth every penny you can muster