African Fashion House Pays Homage To Robert Mugabe

First Nelson Mandela inspired South Africa’s 46664 Apparel clothing line and now Robert Mugabe has achieved the same results with the newly launched House of Gushungo, from Zimbabwe.

There has been a recent resurgence in all things AFRICA and the fashion world has been plagued by this unrelenting virus thanks to the growing crop of undeniably talented designers that are determined to make their global contribution to all things GLAM.

House of Gushungo is hoping to jump on the bandwagon by establishing a fashion line that will not only honor their leader, but also help to de-saturate the market of foreign labels by encouraging something more homegrown.

The line will cater to the urban chic male and female population by providing pieces that are both versatile and edgy which House of Gushungo’s Chairman Dr. Nicholas Munyonga believes matches the style record of President Mugabe, “We decided to come up with something that is long lasting, something that will last forever and in honour of our President”.

The collection is being prepped to include all the must-have basics including Jackets, T-shirts, Caps and even Polo-shirts.

This sounds like the beginning of a very fruitful relationship. Let the fashion revolution begin!