Update: Prince’s Death Linked to His Addiction to Painkillers

As the world continues to mourn the untimely death of Prince who was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park compound exactly a week ago today – more details are emerging that shed light on the fragile disposition of the iconic singer who was allegedly battling a life-threatening dependency on prescription drugs.


A week before his death – the late singer’s private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline, Ill, – at the time reports indicated that he had been suffering from the flu but now sources confirm that Prince was in fact overdosing on opioids.

The late star’s entourage arranged for a team of paramedics to meet them at the airport – where he was immediately given a shot of Narcan to help quickly offset the crippling side effects of his condition.

He was transported to a local hospital where doctors advised him to remain until his vitals stabilized but he ended up leaving a few hours later.

This may have been his downfall as the late icon was clearly not able to handle his deteriorating health without medical supervision.

Autopsy results are pending – but in the meantime the investigation is focused on Prince’s deadly addiction to painkillers as sources also confirm that a renowned expert on opioid addiction – Dr. Howard Kornfeld had been summoned to help intervene the night before the tragedy.

According to the Star Tribune – William Mauzy, a well-respected attorney, representing Kornfeld – Prince’s representatives reached out to the prominent doctor in a desperate attempt to prevent the unthinkable because Prince “was dealing with a grave medical emergency.”

Unfortunately the call came too late – and Kornfeld who manages a specialized treatment facility in California – Recovery Without Walls – stationed in Mill Valley – was unable to fly in immediately and sent his son Andrew Kornfeld to go ahead of him.

Andrew Kornfeld’s mission was to assist Prince with the first steps in the plan of treatment that he and his father were hoping to draft based on the status of his overall health.

Kornfeld arrived on the morning of Thursday, April 21, and chaos immediately ensued after Prince’s representatives frantically searched for the whereabouts of Prince who was later found unconscious in an elevator.

Mauzy confirms that Kornfeld ended up being the one to call 911 as everyone else around him collapsed in shock and emotional duress.

At the time Prince was found – Kornfeld was carrying a legal amount of buprenorphine – a drug that is supposed to help reduce dependency on opioid. The drug is hard to access due to the fact that not many doctors are qualified to prescribe it.

Kornfeld was forced to turn in the medication to investigators and he and two others from Prince’s entourage were held for questioning.

The investigation is still ongoing – but as the facts slowly align – it is clear that the beloved legend succumbed to the effects of one of the most paralyzing habits that afflict a huge number of Americans daily.