‘Batman v Superman’ Prepares for Massive Box Office Takeover On The Heels of Imagined Supeheroes

It’s hard to believe that in a couple of weeks, Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Batman v Superman will hit theaters with such force that it could possibly reassemble the potency of Kryptonite or send the Bat Cave into disarray.


This time around our revered superheroes are tasked with the unthinkable notion that they are unable to coexist in a world that has been mangled by hopelessness and astute vulnerability.

Sounds familiar? We can present the case that the present political fatigue that has birthed a greedy, foul-mouthed and dangerously resilient character that even Lex Luthor would be appalled by – could use the brainwork of an assigned caped crusader.

No matter how we feel about Ben Affeck’s casting as the brooding and aging Batman who finds himself in the weird position of having to put Henry Cavill’s Superman in his place – we can’t deny that those who troop to the theaters to watch this epic showdown will have other necessities that surpass cheering for either the red or black cape.

We now have reasons to get past whether or not we can accommodate this almost biblical offering that is stripped from specks of the past, present and future.

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will also lend her amazon-like features to this quest for justice against a man who interestingly possesses no super powers – just the undeniable need to exercise his evil tendencies at the expense of those who are unable to escape his quest for world dominance.

According to Variety, the tickets for Batman v Superman became available on Monday and there is every reason to believe – based on the overwhelming interest and response thus far, that The Hunger Games which garnered a record breaking $152.5 million back when it hit theaters March 2012, will be toppled. It is expected that the Cavill/Affleck starrer will reap at least $140 million when it debuts.

This will gigantically set off the ongoing trend that the recent success of Deadpool has helped to initiate with it’s unexpected draw that hasn’t quite tapered off.

There will be more high-voltage deliveries as we embrace the warmer temps and the quest for the ultimate roster of supreme beings that have been manufactured to bolster the spirited American.

Brace yourself for the return of two powerhouse franchises – Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse.

2016 is turning out to be the year of the ultimate battleground for good vs. evil.

In the movies, the good guys always seem to emerge victorious but in real life as evident in the past few months – our real life superheroes are mentally haggard and quickly losing ground.

At least we have Hollywood to save us from reality – even if its just for a little while.