The Killing of #WalterScott By a White Cop is Gruesomely Familiar

Despite the revelations of Ferguson and the unfair outcome of the Eric Garner trial, the murderous rage of white cops continues to breed tragic results.

Now that we live in a time when documenting every move is just a click away, it’s astounding that the possibility of being on film does very little to deter those who insist on taking the law into their own hands.

The disturbingly stark footage showing a black literally running for his life as he dodges the bullets being fired at him by a white policeman is difficult to digest as we witness the fatal shot that hit 50-year-old Walter Scott in the back – thus ending his life.

The incident which was recorded on a cell phone by a bystander took place in what appears to be a field lot in North Charleston, SC and the white officer, 33-year-old Michael Slager used the excuse that seems to be the standard offering, “he feared for his life” after being confronted with the likelihood that Scott would use his stun gun to harm him after he being pulled over for having a broken tail light.

But the video clearly shows that Scott was unarmed while trying to escape his fate and after he was brought to the ground, we notice Office Slager standing over the lifeless body and dropping an object next to it. Some have made the assumption that Slager might have deposited the taser he claims prompted him to react so violently.

The evidence of Scott’s murder was sent over to The New York Times by the lawyer Scott’s family have retained and the Times released the graphic video to the public. The officer in question is now facing charges and is being held without bond at the Charleston County Detention Center.

In the meantime, the video is giving plenty who have beheld it cause for concern as it proves that law enforcement still has no issue with brutalizing black men. And if they can get away with murder – even better.

Hollywood is also up in arms with some taking to social media to vent about the deplorable state of affairs when it comes to the safety of black males in America. Actor Grey’s Anatomy alum, Isaiah Washington tweeted: “I have 2 sons to raise in this country and this #WalterScott atrocity weakens my hope that they can survive this Nation”. Interesting that it took this latest incident to finally bring that home for him but better late than never. Others followed suit with their expressive tweets, actress Anika Noni Rose took a more spiritual approach: “#WalterScott. Pelase God, help people find their way to humanity”. And Joss Whedon defiantly condemned the officer’s actions by tweeting; “At this point, the Slager murder seems like a message, a mafia thing, like it’s meant to shut people down or set them off. IT HAS TO END”.

Another day, another painful reminder that #WalterScott has joined the countless faces that have been gunned down for simply representing an image that has been unfairly defined for them. The questions is – how many more have to perish before the killing of innocent black men is duly recognized as an raging epidemic?