Cover Trends: Madonna Rocks ‘Rolling Stone’ and Calls Kanye “A Beautiful Mess”

Pop icon and the woman who literally made it cool for girls to relinquish their virginity is back at it again and as usual Madonna isn’t holding back.

The singer, actress and endearing sex symbol graces the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine looking every bit as immaculate as she did twenty years ago.


The Material Girl tackles every topic imaginable including the supposed feud with Lady Gaga  which she downplays and regulates as another example of how the media blows things out of proportion. She does however confirm that there was an issue that forced her to confront Gaga, “The only time I ever criticized Lady Gaga was when I felt like she blatantly ripped off one of my songs. It’s got nothing to do with ‘she’s taking my crown’ or ‘she’s in some space of mine’. She has her thing. I do think she’s a very talented singer and songwriter”.

Madonna is also gearing up for the release of her new album Rebel Heart on March 6, and while discussing her anticipation, the Like a Virgin crooner delves into the subject of ageism as she confronts the notion that women are constantly victimized and ridiculed during the process of aging because it is behavior that is vastly tolerated. At 56, she is aware of the blatant insults that are hurled her way via social media and this is not okay with her. “No one would dare to say a degrading remark about being black or dare to say a degrading remark on Instagram about someone being gay”. “But mu age – anybody and everybody would say something degrading to me. And I always think to myself, why is that accepted? What’s the difference between that and racism, or any discrimination? They’re judging me by my age. I don’t understand. I’m trying to get my head around it. Because women, generally, when they a reach a certain age, have accepted that they’re not allowed to behave a certain way. But I don’t follow those rules. I never did, and I’m not going to start”.


Her awe-inspiring ensemble at this year’s Grammys definitely proves that being ageless definitely requires loads of self-confidence and plenty of hours at the gym.

Madonna also took the time to step outside of herself by giving her summary of perpetually controversial rapper and wanna-be fashion designer Kanye West. As expected, she fairly dissected the layers by giving him props and also scolding his antics at award shows. “He’s a brilliant madman”. “I don’t always agree with the things he says or does – I don’t always like his music, even. But he’s a beautiful mess. I love him. I think he takes award shows too seriously. I never got too engaged with who wins awards or not, because I don’t I don’t honestly think it’s that important. So that part of him I can’t relate to. Like, what’s the point of fighting for somebody to…like, ‘This person should have got it’? Don’t come to an award show looking for justice!”

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