Stand By Your Man – The Artistry of Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner lived up to his rabid moniker by holding a pres conference on Tuesday in effort to try and explain the fact that he hasn’t learnt a thing since his shameful resignation back in 2011.




The former congressman who is unbelievably running for mayor stood his ground with his wife by his side, and accepted ownership in the part that he played in his latest salacious offering. The embattled Weiner admitted that the sexually explicit material aired out by website accurately depict his disturbingly creepy and sleazy activity on the web. Well, he owns up to some of the dirt but it’s pretty clear that Weiner has been caught once again with his pants down – literally.

Some of the details are sordid enough to make even fellow sex prowler and disgraced politician Eliot Spitzer squirm. Weiner baptized himself  ‘Carlos Danger” which appropriately depicts the risk he was and apparently is still willing to take to fuel his obvious addiction to sexually compromising situations.

The fact that he still hopes and believes he has a chance of successfully running for the mayor of NYC despite the unnerving revelation that after he had been exposed and humiliated the first go round and incessantly promised that he would seek help and turn over a new leaf, it is blatantly clear that he is suffering from a potentially incurable disease is mind boggling and borderline delusional.

But perhaps it is his better half Huma Abedin who is suffering from delusions of grandeur. Abedin once again played the long-suffering wife, and after she patiently listened to her husband spew out the carefully constructed empty sentences, she stunned us all by giving her affecting statement that basically held our attention from beginning to end. Abedin who at one time was Hilary Clinton’s most trusted aid did her best to convince us that even though her husband continues to make poor choices by willing indulging in destructive behavior, we should still give him a chance and leave all the personal stuff for them to sort out. That’s their issue and it is no reflection on his ability to serve New Yorkers well.

But if Weiner is incapable of serving his wife and son well by giving them the respect they deserve both in public and private, how do we expect he will be the DO RIGHT leader the city badly needs.

Abedin who gave birth to the couple’s first child in 2011, while she and her husband were weathering the stormy elements implemented by Weiner, seems to be determined to re-invent the standard meaning of Stand By Your Man.

It is unfathomable that after putting up with Weiner’s embarrassing tactics two years ago, she is back in the spotlight, more resilient than ever, steadfastly defending a situation that seems to be sadly getting out of control.

Anthony Weiner needs to take up residence in a rehab facility, not Gracie Mansion and his wife needs a reality check, a cocktail and a man who can stand by her without spraying her with slime.



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