AT&T Joins Snapchat for Scripted Series ‘SnapperHero’

Snapchat is easing its way into the creative realm and now with the support of AT&T, they are about to embark on a timely and ambitious project.


SnapperHero is a new series that will round up a set of YouTube favorites like Anna Akana, Freddie Wong, Harley Morenstein and Jasmeet Singh as well as Snapchat mascot Shaun McBride who is also the wearing the hat of creative director.

SnapperHero is aiming to be an opportunity to elevate the engaging element provided by interactive platforms by developing a series stimulated by the superhero genre in an effort to encourage the interplay between users and providers.

The brainchild of producer Billy Parks and Kendall Ostrow, a digital media agent at UTA, the series will work alongside with AT&T to elaborately conduct the logistics of the project with the help of eager fans who will get to offer their preferences for practically every detail including what the host of heroes will be donning while they get the job done. Fans will also have input when it comes to carving out storylines, which should prove to be quite a feat depending on the level of response.

There is always the tendency for projects like these to get a bit messy but Parks emphasizes that the 12-episode series that is scheduled to make its debut later this year will not deviate from Snapchat’s signature offering. “The thing we really about Snapchat is that it’s not such a polished platform”. “It’s a place where people are willing to share videos and pictures that aren’t totally refined. I love that as an exercise in sharing a story”.

AT&T’s involvement is an indication that the company is looking to become expansive in its reach of young customers at the cusp of innovation. Liz Nixon, director of engagement marketing, echoed the sentiment when commenting on the new venture, “It’s important to us to be at the intersection of consumer consumption and behavior”.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out especially with the fan implementation – either way we can’t imagine that this would be a dud.