Trendy Fashion Report: Stay Cool and Playful for Summer!

April Showers Bring May Flowers, and dodging the torrents of rain in preparation for the warmer temps can be somewhat of a challenge.

Strapless Tie Dye Printed Jumpsuit – Cool Change – $200.00


But we love to draw inspiration from wherever we can get it, and the moody weather definitely forces us to create a picture draped with imagery that recalls the splendor of a simmering summer afternoon. You are lounging on the rooftop of a friend’s apartment, sipping on homemade margaritas.

Sounds deliciously divine and hopeful! We took it a step further and scoped out accompanying accessories to help bring this dream to fruition. Cool blue tones and patterns seem to be dominating the circuit this season and we are obliged to indulge in the pool of options that will keep you trendy this summer.

Check out the eye candy below!

Navy Mod Cap  – Genie by Eugenia – $68.00


Strapless Dress – H&M – $24.95Strapless Dress

Acqua Textured Flat Slide Sandal – Sergio Ross – $385.00Sandals