Trendy Product of the Week: Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion


Summer is an awesome time to experiment with your tresses and let go of all the tractions and habits that kept you rigid during the colder months.





The best way to discover new products is by taking chances and trying a host of options until you find the ones that yield the best results.

As a certified product junkie, I have gotten myself into trouble feeding my healthy habit that more often than not spills into borderline impulsive. It’s been a mixed bag experience but I always end up finding a couple of winners that keep me content long enough to evade my hairstylist for at least 3 months.

My latest obsession is one of the offerings from the Curl Junkie line, Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion. This absolute godsend is a detangling pro, and a dutiful moisturizer, which eliminates about 98% of my hair woes.

The intense heat encourages my need for a more carefree hairstyle and I have found the perfect support in this vanilla-cotton candy scented magic potion, and the good news is that a little goes along way which serves my bank account well and threatens my over-zealous tendencies.

Bottom line – if you are seeking a product that delivers without compromising your tresses’ natural pattern while also enhancing your method of styling, then you need to stock your boudoir with Curl Junkie’s most popular curl stimulator. And for $20 a  pop, it’s not necessarily cheap but it absolutely gets the job done!