Trendy Fashion Spotlight: Mataano


New York Fashion Week is underway and we are in the mood to partake in all things FAB.

On our playlist is the stylishly delish label Mataano, birthed from Somalian twin sisters Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim.


Their ready-to-wear line is etched with a look book filled with pieces that readily appeal to the instincts of women who balance multi-faceted lives, and look good doing it. Expressively elegant and luxuriously structured, there is a feeling of specialized dedication that is hard to replicate and that is the heart of their ongoing manuscript.

The days of accommodating cumbersome outfits in order to make a statement are long gone, we are now in the era of functional chic and Mataano, which means “twins” in Somali, is fast becoming the bearer of this particular epidemic.

After bursting onto the scene back in 2009, the New York based design house has successfully secured its place in an industry that is constantly evolving, and this has led to high-profile appearances, including New York Fashion Week.

They will be back for another round this coming Monday and we can’t wait to be dazzled and entrenched in all the wonderments of their creation.

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