Trendy Report: Holiday Tips for Art and Wine Lovers


The best way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon is in the company of artistic minds fueled by an attentive audience surrounded by original masterpieces.

A Harlem Hangover: Pop, pOp, poP, 2012 by Beau McCall



This past Saturday was elevated by a fulfilling bubble filled with insightful conversation provided by a selected group of established pros; Michael Tavano, Roderick Shade, PJ Mehaffey and Danny Hernandez. Each of them have each successfully conquered  their respective fields in a way that has commanded a healthy dose of recognition.

Media maven Souleo once again hosted a dynamic event laced with invaluable information and tips that undoubtedly armed every attendee with resources that will serve their purpose especially during this season of holiday cheer.

An Afternoon of interior Design: Art. Wine. was a timely session aimed to create a brew soaked with core ingredients that encourage balance and creativity for those of us looking for stylishly functional ways to enhance our abodes in a way that propels the elements of comfortable chic.

Noted interior designer and author of Harlem Style, Roderick Shade, emphasized the importance of investing in original art and promptly announced his distaste for  contrived pieces that lack any traces of originality. He encouraged the idea of patronizing art students instead of getting caught up in what the masses deem as valuable. “It’s worth something if it speaks to you”. Enough said!

Another famed interior designer, Michael Tavano also shared advice geared towards the eager holiday decorators. Whatever you do make it festive and don’t lazily set up shop. Tavano stressed that art can be a conversation piece so even if you utilize the dollar store as your preferred resource, be sure to make a statement with the items you choose.

Former Style Market Editor of Real Simple and current “Inspired Insider” for PJ Mehaffey , buzzed about the importance of individuality when decking the halls. Express yourself and personalize your purchases so that you feel more connected to your space.

Danny Hernandez, spokesperson for Simone International Papi Wines shared his love for wine and the brand that he irretrievably fell in love with thanks to the tasting exercise that ended the event. We appreciated how a good bottle of wine could potentially steer any gathering in the right direction.

It was a delightful way to celebrate a vibrant borough whose enlightened energy radiates without a threat of fading.


A Harlem Hangover: Tiiipsssyyy, 2012 by Beau McCall

Exuberance, 2012 by Janet Goldner

United, 2012 by Anina Banks


Cushiom, 2012 by Joshua DeMonte


(The House of Spoof Collective) Cheer, 2012 by  Ryan Smith


Black Baby in the Garbage – Don’t Pay That Baby No Mind, 2012 by Jeremiah Drake


Mouth – to Mouth Libation, 2012 by Laura Gadson


28. Gewurtztraminer Telescope, 2012 by Giancarlo Colaianni