Trendy Fashion Report: JC Penny Recruits Nigerian-born Designer Duro Olowu


JC Penny isn’t synonymous with fashion initiatives or trendy offerings, but change is always inevitable in an industry that is constantly evolving. And now the longstanding retailer is undergoing an ambitious makeover that should prove to be quite prophetic.


We are now contentedly immersed in a climate of designer collabos, and so far it has been a favorably interactive project, with heaps of benefits for both sides of the spectrum. So it should be no surprise that behind closed doors, intricate plans are being mapped out to generate interest and renovate otherwise dreary projections.

JC Penny has joined forces with Nigerian-born designer Duro Olowu to undoubtedly help revitalize the chain and also celebrate the intrinsic mastery that Olowu embodies.

Since being bestowed  “Designer of the Year” at the 2005 British Fashion Awards, Olowu has continued to dazzle and inspire with his particular brand of vividly decadent silhouettes and stunningly vibrant patterns. His recipe for success has seemed to hinge on his instinctual ability to illustrate adaptable chaos seared with global imprints.

Gazing from afar in awe will now be a thing of the past, once Duro Olowu for JCP makes its debut this spring starting in March and ending its run in May. The impressively aligned spring collection will feature a robust range of goodies that will include home goods, stationery, apparel, and accessories. Speaking of accessories, Olowu enlisted the expertise of good friend and fellow innovator Iris Apfel to help secure the details; he also turned to artist Bella Foster to boost his visual template for the prints. Olowu endorses the versatility of the pieces that will be on display, and promises that there will be something for everybody. He tells InStyle, “ This collection is for anyone, from 18 to 80. Everything has a flattering element, whether you mix or pull out one piece and keep it simple.”

The price points are simply divine! You can be decked out from head to toe in Olowu’s drapery without having to take out a loan. The pieces will retail from $10 to $100, and that could be good news or bad news depending on your level of addiction.