Trendy Fashion Report: Highlights from Lagos Fashion and Design Week S/S 2013


Lagos Fashion and Design Week was a three-day extravaganza that emancipated the indigenous workbooks of some of the most formidable designers in Nigeria.


The designers we have spotlighted each share a common denominator; the ability to brilliantly execute gorgeously aligned pieces, generously dipped in a collage of centric prints and patterns that instinctively heighten the cultural embodiments of the Diaspora.

The silhouettes on display actively exuded a whimsical appeal and a wealth of propensity towards tranquil nativity and fluid statesmanship. The hues were seductively aquatic and boldly rapturous and the cleanly poetic constructions emphasized the pact between the ideal and the attainable.

It was an energetic showing, with youthful and romantic intentions etched with custom drapery that hatched the realization of vividly produced unconventional elegance.

Check out the batch of designers we chose to spotlight:

KInabuti: Caterina Bortolussi proudly takes center stage

Joan Ibuzor – House of Marie

Alali Boutique

Sunny Rose