Trendy Fashion Report: Fashion Icon Iris Apfel Launches Shoe Line


Iris Apfel has created a legacy in the fashion industry that will continue to flourish and surpass her 91 years of age. Her tentacles have adorned almost every facet of the genre, including her stint as an interior designer.


So it makes sense that’s she continues to plant the seeds that will undoubtedly bloom into bushels of creative decadence.

Apfel has partnered with HSN to launch a shoe line that seems to cater to the comfortably chic jet setters. The immaculately conceived line, features a price range ($59.90 to $99.90) that is surprisingly attainable for those of us who are still on alert status with our financials.

You wont be able to indulge until this February, but until then you can salivate on the released images and plan ahead.

The Rara Avis collection, which translates into “rare bird”, will be the perfect springboard for the warmer months that we pray will be upon us before we can say IRIS APFEL!