Trendy News Report: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split!


Today is the day that Katie Holmes finally declared her freedom! After nearly five years of marriage, she filed for divorce from actor and die-hard scientologist Tom Cruise.

Apparently karma does make its rounds, just like his former wife Nicole Kidman, Cruise was blindsided and devastated when the papers were filed.

After a whirlwind romance that started with Tom Cruise stomping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch like a giddy pre-teen, followed by a global love trek with images of the two “lovebirds” scooting through the streets of Italy, it became clear that something was slightly amiss. Why were they so desperate to prove the authenticity of their relationship? Why did Katie Holmes sound like and look like a propped puppet every time she gushed about her new love? After all the intense scrutiny, it was elected that this was a very rushed, rehearsed and purposeful union, and of course the scientology factor didn’t help the cause.

Now, five years and one kid later, the Dawson’s Creek alumn is ready to re-claim her independence, leaving her aging former movie idol in the dust. At 33, she is still pretty young and who knows, maybe she will use her single status as a way to revive her now stale movie career.

While their respective lawyers hash out the logistics of yet another high-profile divorce, lets go down memory lane and feast our eyes on the soon to be exes most intimate moments.