Trendy Buzz Kill of the Week: Weapon-Friendly Attire?!

Considering the number of casualties in the US that are quickly piling up as a result of irresponsible gun toting citizens, the confirmation that companies like Woolrich and Under Armour are now set to launch clothing lines designed specifically for the needs of their already over-zealous disciples, is anything but comforting.

The inspiration comes from the fact that hunting cloths are not the most versatile so it makes sense to provide garments that are stylishly dependable, making it easy to still be able to carry your weapon with ease without sacrificing any sense of functionality.

So if you are looking for that perfect attire that won’t hamper your ability to elegantly sling a gun and expertly draw it like the pro you are, your wait is finally over!

Judging by the rising number of Americans seeking concealed-weapon permits, this new venture should be quite lucrative. But the real question is who will end up paying the ultimate price?