Ode to Sinead O’Connor: Throw Down Your Arms

Once again Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is publicly recognizing her fragile mental state and has decided to withdraw from all public appearances, in order to privately deal with her bipolar disorder.


This recent announcement is a little disconcerting when you consider her desperate cry for help via Twitter last December when she pretty much swore she was going to take her life due to her paralyzing depression. She exhibited eccentric behavioral tendencies, like randomly marrying Barry Herridge, then leaving him, only to get back together again.

O’Connor has consistently used Twitter as her vehicle to express her anguish and unleash her tortured soul which can be unnerving for those of us who would prefer to enjoy her angelic voice and symphonic melodies without being reminded of her unfortunate handicap.

But reality bites and we have to applaud her naked honesty and willingness to own up to being a victim of a disease that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. It can’t be easy risking your reputation and much-lauded comeback for the sake of trying to repair the damage done to your psyche.

So her 2012 tour has been postponed indefinitely and she hopes to get well enough to be able to attend the Curtis Mayfield tribute at the Lincoln Center in NYC this July.

We hope she makes it!