Vera Wang Launches Black by Vera


Vera Wang is known for her stunningly beautiful and intricately detailed bridal wear, and it is no wonder that celebs and socialites have consistently been her loyal staples.

Kim Kardashian donned one of her custom confections for her summer wedding and that might be the only valued item of the occasion considering the aftermath of the not so blessed union.

Now its time to get the men on par with their stylishly decked out counterparts and what better way to encourage this than by providing them with their very own signature formal wear.

Black by Vera Wang will work in conjunction with the indispensable Men’s Wearhouse to provide formal attire which will consist mainly of tuxedos and judging by Wang’s track record, the pieces will be dapper enough to make any bride-to-be swoon with joy.

That should add to the pleasantries associated with the preparations for the big day! Now not only the girl gets to enjoy the process of looking for that perfect dress, guys will also get to experience the same gratification.

And since the new label will be partnering with David’s Bridal considering they carry White by Vera Wang, you can expect to see ads for Black by Vera Wang displayed all over the stores as the marketing campaign gets underway.

An important thing to note is the fact that men have the option of renting their tuxedos which retail for about $219.99 and upwards, a luxury that the ladies unfortunately don’t enjoy with the White label since it’s not an option.

Nice to see future grooms getting their share of the spotlight!