Hot Nails – Courtesy of Lady Gaga

Holy nails! Lady Gaga is definitely expanding her kingdom. From her dabble in the world of fashion to her now recent collaboration with uber nail artist Naomi Yasuda.

Gaga has been quite the busy bee with her ongoing creative thesis with Barney’s New York and now she is adding Workshop Nails to the agenda.

Yasuda who is known for her fiery and graphic nail designs partnered with beauty supply giant, Kiss Products to deliver the products that will no doubt satisfy Lady Gaga’s insatiable appetite.

Of course Gaga was the template for the nail accessories that feature a collage of nail tips in 12 different sizes, and aid equipment; gel glue, glue tabs and a manicure stick. The complete package retails for $45 and the nail tips come in four different designs. You can also expect to find something to embrace every occasion. But considering Gaga’s influence, the bling factor is at an all time high. You will find rhinestones, and every gem imaginable artfully etched in every piece.

Gaga’s Workshop Limited Edition at Barneys’ New York Madison Avenue store is worth checking out. It proves the seamless talent of this ever-evolving artist.