Obamas Are Happy in Love in Trailer for ‘Southside With You’

As the President and First Lady enjoy the last remaining months of what can only be described as the most historic presidency on record – those who’ve been effortlessly supportive of the past eight years – will soon get the chance to explore the genesis of a partnership that captures the very definition of a match made in heaven.


The upcoming date movie – Southside With You – starring Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson and Parker Sawyer as Barack Obama, is a delightful look into the first date between the two young lawyers and potential lovers.

Set in 1989 Chicago – the trailer which debuts today shows the moment Barack and Michelle made what turned out to be an enduring love connection. We also witness the future First Lady’s initial reluctance to hang out with the “cute” summer associate who joins her law firm.

But, of course she gives in to the charms of the man who would eventually make The White House their temporary home. They end up exploring the Art Institute and wind up taking in Spike Lee’s multicultural classic, Do the Right Thing.

The date ends with a sweet kiss with many more to follow as the couple ended up marrying in 1992.

Southside With You, which also screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and opens in theaters on Aug. 26, doesn’t seem to be very heavy-handed but rather an even-tempo romantic story that showcases two young, charismatic and ambitious lawyers who found love in all of the right places.

The film also stars Vanessa Bell Calloway and Jerod Haynes, with singer John Legend serving as executive producer.