Terror in Pakistan: Bomb Blast at Lahore Park Leaves More Than 60 Dead and Several Injured

The city of Lahore, Pakistan was the scene of chaos and mayhem after a massive explosion ripped through a public park where families were celebrating Easter.

At least 69 have been confirmed dead with several others injured – most of the casualties were listed as women and children.


According to the BBC – a suicide bomber who with ties to the Pakistan Taliban carried out the attack. The group has since accepted responsibility for the cowardly act.

Pakistan’s president immediately condemned the attacks and the local government instituted a mandatory three-day mourning period in honor of the victims.

In response to the attacks, all local hospitals were on alert as the emergency squad shifted into high gear to prepare for the throngs of injured victims needing immediate care.

The brutality of the attacks lies in the purposeful targeting of young children and their mothers as the explosion seems to have strategically erupted near where the park’s recreational equipment is situated.

Mohammed Usman – Lahore’s deputy commissioner confirmed that the number of injured at press time was 193.

The safety feature recently introduced by Facebook is currently active for citizens of Lahore to utilize accordingly.