Alexander McQueen Biopic Is Happening, Thanks to Andrew Haigh

British fashion designer extraordinaire, Alexander McQueen took his life in 2010 – shortly after the death of his beloved mother Joyce.
His death was a huge loss to the industry that he serviced so well and with avant-garde astuteness laced with futuristic tendencies – which made him a favorite among celebs who understand the value of standing out in a crowd versus blending in.

McQueen’s fashion shows also illustrated his adherence to artful stimulation through visually stunning those who dared to venture into his blissfully chaotic world.
But like most that are gifted with artistic reverie – McQueen spent the later part of his life battling his demons that haunted him in the form of drug addiction. Unfortunately he was unable to overcome his impediment – and coupled with the loss of his mother – the popular designer hanged himself after digesting a lethal cocktail of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquilizers.
Now, almost six years later, McQueen’s legacy still resonates and the mystery behind his innate ethereal disposition which was captured in his biography, Blood Beneath the Skin, written by Andrew Wilson – will also serve as the inspiration for the upcoming biopic.
Director Andrew Haigh who helmed the critically acclaimed 45 Years – that recently garnered screen veteran Charlotte Rampling best actress Oscar nomination has been recruited to bring McQueen’s layered story to life.
Based on Haigh’s infinite ability to tackle the most complex of human relationships in a slyly relatable way as showcased in his latest offering – we can expect to be fully immersed in the way he will interpret the script that was written by playwright Chris Urch who authored Land of Our Fathers and The Rolling Stone.
Haigh’s 45 Years also won best British or Irish film at last week’s London Critic’s Circle awards.