‘Star Wars’ is Last Minute Addition to Critics’ Choice Best Picture Nominees

The phenomenal success and reception of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has garnered it a last minute entry as the 11th film to be added to the list of Best Picture nominees by The Broadcast Film Association.


The official announcements of nominees already took place last week but an exception was made via a special vote held by the board of directors who according to The Hollywood Reporter had no choice but to recognize the plea of members who were unable to view the film before the casting their nomination ballots – hence making it impossible for them to vote accordingly.

This detour from the norm has only happened once before – about 15 years ago, when Cast Away also made a last minute entry into the best picture slot.

The 21st Critics’ Choice Awards will air on Jan. 17 on A&E and will break from protocol by featuring both film and TV categories for the very first time.

This expansion will also add to the format by making it at least three hours long which will hopefully give the show’s host, T.J. Miller a lot of room for mischief.