Ally McBeal Star Lisa Nicole Carson Shares Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder and Hopes for the Future

Anybody who diligently followed the antics of the delightfully quirky antics of Ally McBeal will remember her smooth-talking and lively side kick Renee, played to perfection by Lisa Nicole Carson.
The 90’s staple was a major hit and even though Calista Flockhart was the bona fide star of the show – her thunder was swept away by Carson’s ability to flawlessly balance humor with forthrightness.

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But aside from a few other less memorable roles – once Ally McBeal ended its run – Carson, 46 seemed to disappear without a trace.
Now the actress is back with a new attitude and a tale of survival that will inspire and explain her longer than planned absence from the spotlight.
Carson opened up to People Magazine about her almost decade long struggle with bipolar disorder that was crippling it almost destroyed her personal life and career.
“From the moment I stepped away from show business in 2001, until now, I’ve been on a very complicated and challenging journey”. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it out”.
Carson admits her first attack with the mental disorder happened in 1997 which led to a series of more breakdowns that forced her to seek help. After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Carson remained in denial and refused to take medication to help curb the symptoms.
It took a very scary public episode in 2000  at a Manhattan hotel – to get Carson to realize the seriousness of her now exposed condition. She recalls the aftermath to People, “I remember glass breaking, yelling, screaming and terror”. “Sheer terror”.
She was carted off to a psychiatric ward where she remained for several weeks before returning to work. Carson remembers how supportive her cast members were during that very turbulent time. “The cast were very concerned”. “They put together a video, for me wishing me well”.
But paranoia set in and Carson’s vulnerability pushed her to work harder than ever to compensate for her shortcomings but her worst fears came true in 2001 when she was abruptly dropped from the show. “I busted my butt and worked hard for a year. And then in 2001, I got the call. ‘We’re not renewing your contract’. I cried for a week”.
Despite her broken spirit and disappointment – Carson maintains that she walked away with no ounce of bitterness.
Years later, Carson is enjoying a low key existence in Hollywood and hopes to revive her acting career after years dedicated to her recovery and management.
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