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David Oyelowo and Daniel Craig Set to Perform Othello in New York

This has to be the best casting news since God knows when. Two of the sexiest men in the industry are pairing up to resurrect Shakespeare’s most lauded piece of art – Othello.

Daniel Craig, who recently dominated headlines due to his public declaration that he is done roaming the world as James Bond (he was kidding of course), will play the role of Iago, while Oyelowo, fresh off his Oscar-worthy turn as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in the critically-acclaimed and Oscar-nominated Selma, will step into the role of Othello.


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Serena Williams Dominates Harper’s Bazaar’s “Women Who Dare” Issue

Serena Williams who is featured in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar’s as one of the chosen few to be added to the list of “Women Who Dare” is undoubtedly one of the most formidable and accomplished athletes of all time. Her roster of achievements, which include garnering an impressive total of 21 Grand Slam singles titles more than makes up for the fact that she was disappointingly edged out of the US Open this past September.


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Tracy Morgan is Officially The King of New York After ‘SNL’ Triumph

Comedian Tracy Morgan returned to the SNL stage on Saturday night and reminded us why life would’ve been a lot less fun without him. After almost losing his life in a horrific car accident in June 2014, that claimed his dear friend, fellow comedian, James McNair, Morgan was faced with an uphill battle back to the top. He faded away from public view as he fought his way back to a semblance of existence that would allow his restored dignity to accommodate his forcefully revised disposition.


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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Discusses ‘Cosby Show’ Legacy and Ebony Magazine Cover on ‘The View’

Former ‘Cosby’ kid, Malcolm-Jamal Warner who rendered many laughs at his expense as the only son of Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable played by now embattled and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby visited the ladies of The View on Friday and expectedly had a lot to say about the sex scandal that has literally destroyed his “TV dad”.


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Eddie Murphy Reveals Why He Refused to Parody Bill Cosby for ‘SNL’ 40th Show

Enough time has passed since the epic celebration that was televised earlier this year in recognition of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary.

Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy who began his enviable career on the show back in the early 80’s perfected his impressions of everyone from Bill Cosby to James Brown – the latter won him undying praise and is still the funniest skit ever produced.


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