Trendy Fashion Report: Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014


The Guaranty Trust Bank Lagos Fashion and Design Week just wrapped up in Lagos, Nigeria after a week of stunning and inspirational offerings that once again cemented the mission set forth by the organizers of this ambitious yearly project.

Tsemaye Binite


Three years ago, Lagos Fashion and Design Week was initiated to help mobilize and expose the efforts of talented designers who otherwise would remain anonymous if not for the opportunity to publicly parade their wares.

This past week proved to be another successful unveiling by the likes of Lisa Folawiyo, Maki Oh, and Tsemaye Binite among others, and a few other lesser-known names that will undoubtedly become more familiar after the good fortune of being placed under the spotlight.

The overriding themes that dominated the circuit hinged on variations of the play on prints and patterns with edgier and more refined silhouettes. There were also refreshing executions that highlighted flirty angles mixed with body conscious details courtesy of cinched waists and peek-a-boo inclusions. Pantsuits and flare dresses and fringy confections were popular items. The color scheme was consistently vibrant with hints of softly sedate hues that helped compliment the delicate and finery quality of the fabrics.

It was finely tuned showcase that once again validates the homegrown talent of designers who are clearly capable of competing on the global stage. The infusion of ethnic sensibilities colliding with Western fare is an irresistible combination that continues to thrive and fascinate.

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Tsemaye Binite


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