Trendy TV Report: NBC’s ‘The Slap’ Features Ambitious Cast

NBC’s The Slap which has yet to be assigned a premiere date, is bustling with casting news. The eight-episode mini-series that centers on the events that transpires after a child is slapped by a man in response to his rowdiness at a family barbecue, will showcase an impressive array of talent, including Peter Sarsgaard, Mary Louise Parker, Zachary Quinto and Brian Cox.


It was also just confirmed that Thandie Newton who will play Aisha, Sarsgaard’s character Hugo’s wife and Melissa George who will portray Rosie, the as yet to be cast Gary’s wife, are now officially on board. George was also a part of the Australian version.

The Slap is setting up to be a dramatic rollercoaster that will regulate its characters to a trolley of episodic upheavals that will include scandalous revelations and a lawsuit. All this will be the cause and effect prompted by the infamous Slap.

Hard to tell if the series will garner enough viewers to survive the primetime wars, but with such a vibrant cast in place, it sure does stand a chance.