Trendy Fashion Report: Calvin Klein Gives Harlem Village Academies a Fitting Makeover

Calvin Klein may have experienced his heydays back in he eighties but that doesn’t mean he is conveniently out of commission. The still sought-after designer has lent himself to a project that is bound to elicit songs of praise.


Back in 2012, Klein paid a visit to the Harlem Village Academies for a speaking engagement. Considering the welcomed exposure HVA has garnered thanks to their specialized regimen that has proven to be quite successful and publicly acknowledged by the likes of President Obama and Oprah, his visit was a standard honor. Klein noted the infectious enthusiasm he received from the fresh-minded fifth graders as he dispersed his brand of wisdom. He was hooked, and from that day forth he remained connected to the school and Deborah Kenny, the institution’s valued founder.

It was only natural that Kenny would approach Klein for his expertise and assistance to mark the tenth anniversary of HVA. The itinerary involved a re-working of the long standing aesthetic. The uniforms and website were due for a makeover to showcase the futuristic goals and current success rate (the school boasts a 91 percent graduation rate).

Klein was ready for the challenge and he invited his running buddy French art director, Fabien Baron to help him imagine the blueprint for his latest project.



The finished products impressively echoes all the traditional elements that give HVA the steam it needs to consistently make it to the finished line. The uniforms are smartly finessed with the right amount of youthful vigor and purpose to help propel the lucky students to exploratory heaven. It has proven to be a hit, which has inspired Klein to partner with his ex-wife Kelly Klein to stage an interactive visual board for the benefit of Kenny and the school board.

Uniforms can be a drag, I should know, I was encased in them during my high school years, but when Calvin Klein is your designated designer, life’s possibilities seem that much brighter!