Trendy Fashion Report: DKNY Resort 2014


Donna Karan has always excelled when it comes to being the Queen Bee of urban chic. The self-professed ambassador of New York City named her latest confection Night Sports and after a studious survey of each of the pieces we can definitely attest to her empirical sustenance.



The reason why Karan has managed to amass a fiercely loyal following after decades in the business is simply due to her ability to wittingly whip up gorgeously sedate separates that don’t require a trumpet horn to announce their arrival. The perfect symbiotic relationship between a bejeweled top and a functionally placid skirt explains why DKNY is the consistent public oasis for city gals who need to look effortlessly chic 24/7 due to their unrelenting schedules.

With all the new pop up stalls dominating the industry, it’s nice to know that some things never change.