Trendy Pop Report: The Rolling Stones Reunite for Series of Summer Jams


Mick Jagger declared that Old Habits Die Hard in 2004, when his hit single dominated the 2004 film Alfie starring Jude Law. Apparently he knew what he was crooning about because the most coveted and lusted band in the world will be back to remind us why they caused so much warranted hysteria back in the day.


The Rolling Stones are headed to Hyde Park in London, to hopefully revive the vibrantly chaotic climate that held revelers spellbound when they performed there in 1969.

It was a memorably boisterous occasion and we can’t imagine that 2013 will present a much different scenario, hopefully the aging rockers will be able to hold their own and seize the stage with gusto.

If you are planning to be in London this summer, then Saturday July 6is the date to highlight on your calendar because Hyde Park 1969 will be converted to Hyde Park 2013! This is a chance to be a part of history revisited.

But if you are going to remain Stateside, don’t fret! The band that inspired once inspired global orgies will be coming to the U.S. in May and June with nine shows in tow. The fun will start in Los Angeles and end in Philly on June 18.

Looks like we all get to dance our “Rocks Off” this summer! Bring it on Boys!